Especially for You…


So… finally, another year passed.

And today is your birthday, 17th birthday! partypartyparty

Happy birthday! Congratulation on becoming more and more classic! big grin

And… THIS is my present for you, a limited edition, only and especially for you. Hope you like it. big grin

Umm… I’ve never been good at wishing you. Most of my wishes for you were failure, right? So being avoid of ruining your day, I’m not gonna wish you. laughing

Just want you to know that no matter Life will bring to us, I do enjoy the gift of knowing you, and you are my little River. always!

Very Happy Birthday, little sister!

big hug


2 Responses to “Especially for You…”

  1. River. Says:

    You’re my Frozen Cat sister with Dory’s mind ~thats why i didnt think that you’d remember My Day!! :))
    ~Thank you for still remembering My Day and for THAT!!! XD
    [do you know that you are my Biggest Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear? XD] ~oh actually now i just know to say ‘thank you’, so, once again, from the very bottom of my heart, Thank You, sister! :)
    yea but there’s a tiny problem… ~I suppose that I may be no longer your kinda ‘little’!!! ~Know what? ;;)
    ~Now I’m 18, which means I’m now an adult! :-> (~yea my 18th Day, not 17th, my dear Dory-mind sis! ^^”””)
    ~somehow, I like the way you call me ‘little River.’! :D

    with tight hugs,

  2. Exodus Says:

    Lolz! Can’t believe that I mistyped and didn’t see it. I was going to type “18th” but only Heaven knows how it turned into “17th”. ^^”””

    You are my little R. no matter how old are you. :P [But if someday, you wake up and don’t want to be my little one any more, let me know. :D]

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