Happy Birthday to You…


it’s 1:00 AM now batting eyelashes
~so I can say… oh, uhm… I can sing big grin

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday happy birthday
Happy birthday to Dus!

well well well… as you can see above…. ~It’s the (most special) birthday cake I baked for you! ~Dark chocolate flavor with white and milk chocolate smooth cream!!! [I said “most special” ’cause you can find nowhere a birthday cake like this one! laughing]

Okie! Make a wish and then blow the candle! big grin

yaaahhh!!!! ~Bravo!!!! XDXDXD
[~Now you’re 1 year older!!! laughing]

Now… my wishes for you – my true friend, my dear sister and my great colleague big grin~Let me see… thinking
~Wishes in Vietnamese? Nah! Simply, I don’t want to use Vietnamese!
~Wishes in English? Nope! Not special enough!
~~~So…. I’ll give you my wishes in… ancient language! laughing
Here they are big grin:

Atra esterní ono thelduin
Mor’ranr lífa unin hjarta onr
Un du evarínya ono varda

[though I copied them from “somewhere (you know)” but these wishes are absolutely from my heart]
uhm… and remember that… I’m always somewhere too far but too near beside you!big hug

Enjoy my cake (~don’t worry about its qualitylaughing)

Happy birthday, sister! ^^


One Response to “Happy Birthday to You…”

  1. Exodus Says:

    [from my “house” at You-Know-Where]

    “And the lastly especially deepest thanks to my little-in-age-but-great-in-life (both LIFE, if you wanna know) R., for the “dark chocolate flavor with white and milk chocolate smooth cream” birthday cake that you “baked” for me on our little-but-wonderful new “house” in A.L. (or I.L, as you prefer), and also for your wish in my most favorite language. And you can be sure that there is no doubt of mine about your cake’s quality.”



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