[01] Jan. Snowdrop

Snowdrop is the common name for members of the genus Galanthus, a small genus of about 20 species in the family Amaryllidaceae; snowdrops are among the first bulbs to bloom in spring, although certain species flower in late autumn and winter.

Common snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis, grows to around 7–15 cm tall, flowering between January and April in the northern temperate zone (January–May in the wild).



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23 Responses to “[01] Jan. Snowdrop”

  1. Mai Says:

    ôi, cám ơn nhé..mình sinh vào tháng 1 đấy ! hoa giọt tuyết đẹp thật^^

  2. dark_lady Says:

    oai`! dep qua’ nhung nen mau do hoi bi noi ti. Em xi’ cai ne nha!!!

  3. Exodus Says:

    “Tiny white snowdrops
    Struggling for birth,
    Pushing their green leaves
    Through damp dark earth”

    snowdrop is so brave, isn’t it? <3

  4. apu_apu Says:

    Thanks nhìu nhe :D

  5. sagit Says:

    uhm mìn thấy tháng 1 để màu xanh của cỏ cây có phải hay hơn ko nhỉ

  6. BLOG.THEME Says:

    @sagit: màu background của các theme trong series BirthFlower được chọn dựa theo những màu tiêu biểu ứng với mỗi tháng.
    ~và BT chọn dark red cho tháng 1.

  7. R. Says:

    The snowdrop

    Three softly curved white sepals veined with light,
    Three green-lined petals, guarding frugal gold,
    And all so strong to fold or to unfold!
    Snow thunders from the bending pines. How slight
    This frail, sheathed stem! Yet all unbent it springs,
    So swift in stoopings and recoverings.

    In the pale sunshine, with frail wings unfurled,
    Comes to the bending snowdrop the first bee.
    She gives her winter honey prudently;
    And faint with travel in a bitter world,
    The bee makes music, tentative and low,
    And spring awakes and laughs across the snow.

    ~Mary Webb~

  8. Ocean Says:

    Minh chua thay hoa nay bao gio. Gio moi thay, ko ngo lai la bieu tuong cua thang 1, thang cua minh.

  9. meoluoixx Says:

    cám ơn rất nhìu.., theme cute ơi là cute! hi

  10. berry Says:

    dep wa

  11. Mity Says:

    SN nguoi i, minh mun trang tri blog minh bang theme birth flower cua thang 1. Thanks nhe…

  12. Honey Says:

    Mình cũng thix cái theme này lắm :x! Thanks nhe ^_^

  13. angel Says:

    thanks nhiu lam

  14. Mit Says:

    Theme dep qua! Cam on nhieu`!

  15. dogie_pi Says:

    mình cũg sinh T 1 đẹp wá … Thanx BT hen

  16. Akira Says:

    I looked for my new theme in many web sites and when seeing this theme, I “fell in love with it”:)Thanks BT very much.
    And I like this color. It represents strong personality of those whose were born in January.

  17. Hang Says:

    Thanks a lot :-)

  18. Thủy Says:

    thanks blog.theme nhiều

  19. Thuytien Says:

    Đẹp wá cho mình xin vài theme nhé! cảm ơn nhìu nhìu

  20. huyenttd Says:


  21. Vanveo Says:

    I love snowdrop flower too
    Snowdrop, the tiny but strong flower, symbolises for hope and share.
    Thank u for your gorgerous design. ^o^

  22. Alvina Mattox Says:

    Appreciate it – great content. I’ll revisit and read a lot more eventually.

  23. Jessica Smith Says:

    I truly treasure your work, Great post.

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