Fuck You

very very much…


Xem trang demo

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19 Responses to “Fuck You”

  1. BLOG.THEME Says:

    *inspired (and spiced up) by Fuck You and Never Gonna Happen by Lily Allen.

    ~an elegant R.E.B.E.L

  2. River. Says:

    *note: this theme was introduced as ‘a BLOG.THEME R.E.B.E.L theme’ ~> no grammatical mistakes here.
    >> R.E.B.E.L is used as an adj (referring to ‘label of the style’ or sth kinda). and this theme was created as an Elegant R.E.B.E.L

  3. Mich Says:

    oooh, it’s perfect to express my current mood :))

  4. Pupu Says:

    wow wow … theme dep. woa’ a`k … :X :X :X … mau` pho^i’ dep. lem’ :X :X …

  5. ilovekpop Says:

    Mình thích màu hồng :x cho mình dùng theme này náh blog theme

  6. Trang Says:

    dep! mo^j~ to^j co’ dow dc da^u…nan~

  7. BLOG.THEME Says:

    @Trang: BT vừa check lại link download ở trên ~> link hoàn toàn bình thường. nếu bạn ko down được thì thử lúc khác down lại xem sao nhé!

  8. kat_vy Says:

    Theme an tuong ghe,Thanks

  9. Ginnie Says:

    Theme đẹp lạ, đúng với tâm trạng mình lúc này. Cho mình xin nhá, thanx so much.

  10. vit Says:

    cho e xin naz’

  11. titoe Says:

    thanh cù nha

  12. cheep_cheeky Says:

    So damn the life
    So great your theme !

  13. June Says:


  14. donna Says:

    u rock

  15. nhi Says:

    cai nay dep woa

  16. TOEFL ibt Test Says:

    Been following your blog posts for few days. Only want to leave a comment let you know I really love your web site. Thanks!

  17. quyen Says:

    lay code cho blog cho nao

  18. Renda Says:

    I don’t normally answer to articles but I will in this case. Appealing article. Where did you got all the information from? Anyhow thank you for this very good article! Regards, Renda.

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