[10] Oct. Cosmos

Cosmos is a genus of about 20-26 species of annual and perennial plants in the family Asteraceae [*the family of Sunflowers, Daisies and Asters. Cosmos genus includes Cosmos bipinnatus, commonly known as Mexican Aster; Cosmos sulphureus (Yellow Cosmos) , and Cosmos atrosanguineus (Chocolate Cosmos) ~from The Flower Expert] native to scrub and meadow areas in Mexico (where the bulk of the species occur), the southern United States (Arizona, Florida), Central America and northern South America south to Paraguay.

They are herbaceous perennial plants growing 0.3-2 m tall. The leaves are simple, pinnate, or bipinnate, and arranged in opposite pairs. The flowers are produced in a capitulum with a ring of broad ray florets and a center of disc florets; flower color is very variable between the different species.



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18 Responses to “[10] Oct. Cosmos”

  1. R. Says:

    + The word Cosmos is derived from the Greek, which means a balanced universe.
    + Cosmos flower blooms twice a year and only once in the season.
    + Cosmos flowers blooms heavily, but dies with first frost.
    + Cosmos flowers can regrow in the following spring if seed falls on bare ground.
    + Cosmos flowers occurs in Solid pink, white, maroon, and pink with deep pink flares.
    + Cosmos flowering plants can be grown quickly and successfully in all regions.
    + Cosmos seeds are miniature pine needles.
    + Cosmos seeds are one of the easiest seeds in the world to grow.
    + Chocolate cosmos or Cosmos atrosanguinea, fills the air with its sweet scent of vanilla tinged chocolate.
    + Lace cosmos have more rows of petals, and have ferny foliage of a very delicate texture. Cosmos sulphureus plant leaves resemble those of marigolds (member of the Compositae, to which Cosmos belongs).

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